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Dr. Joseph Eastwood - Lab Director

Joseph completed his PhD in Experimental Social Psychology at Memorial University in 2011. Along with conducting research in the area of investigative interviewing, he works closely with police, private sector, and governmental organizations to deliver science-based interviewing training courses.

Current Students


Quintan Crough - PhD Candidate

Quintan is a second year Forensic Psychology PhD student at Ontario Tech. He received his BSc (Hons.) in Psychology from Carleton University in 2018 and MSc in Forensic Psychology from Ontario Tech in 2020. Currently working in the ALERT Lab under the supervision of Dr. Eastwood, Quintan's research interests include investigative interviewing and memory.


Cassandre Dion Larivière - PhD Candidate

Cassandre is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology at Ontario Tech University. She received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Psychology from Bishop’s University and her Master of Science in Forensic Psychology from Ontario Tech University. Cassandre’s research focuses on factors that influence the effectiveness of investigative interviews, such as rapport building. She is interested in helping improve virtual interviewing as well as investigative interviews conducted with older adults.

Former Students

Dr. Davut Akca

Davut completed his B.A. degree in the Turkish Police Academy.  After working for five years in the Turkish National Police he received his M.A. in Criminology and PhD in Forensic Psychology at Ontario Tech University. He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at Lakehead University.

Dr. Christina Connors


Christina completed her Forensic Psychology PhD in 2022. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she completed both her Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts at Saint Mary's University. Under the supervision of Dr. Marc Patry, her undergraduate honors thesis focused on Canadians’ legal rights upon arrest. In her masters thesis, she empirically examined jury-decision making in a Mr. Big case. In general, Christina is interested in legal rights upon arrest, investigative interviewing, and the Mr. Big technique.​ Christina currently works as a Recruitment Research Coordinator at KBRS.

Dr. Mark Snow

Mark completed his Forensic Psychology PhD in 2022. He received his BSc (Hons.) in Psychology from Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2016 and MSc in Forensic Psychology from Ontario Tech in 2018. Mark's research interests include memory for emotional events, alibi assessment and generation, and investigative interviewing. He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at St. FX.

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